Soapy 3.


Love your blog here’s a few pics of us enjoy


"Tourniquet Moon"

{ Harness } Taciturn For Sale

{ Photo } Taciturn for Sale

Philadelphia, 2014.

Really liked this photo of my ass in a kilt

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If u think someone (me) is cute you should tell them (me)


dearest lioness- 

it has been far too long since we sent you anything. calling us busy would not be doing justice to our schedules as of late. things are slowly starting to fall into a routine and the worst of the craziness is winding down. time just with each other has been at a premium as of late, let alone time to get the camera out. 
and on top of that we missed your birthday! hopefully it brought you everything you wanted it to. though the wishes are belated we certainly hope it was wonderful.
recently, we got to run in a color run (not The Color Run, a knockoff). the run itself left something to be desired but we, with our team, had our own little color party afterward. when we got home, we stripped down to shower and noticed that we had gotten color everywhere on our skin as well! our first thought was to go for the camera. this was too unique an opportunity to pass up. 
much love from the nest,
the sparrows
Coffee Club should never be a burden. I’m so glad to have you guys whenever you pop in. My birthday was excellent - thank you! I love the Color run - and all knock offs! I’m stealing your idea and taking a picture like this after my next one! Go spend some time together you amazing love birds. Thank you for saying hi!


Time goes by fast, I had a lot to accomplish during this summer and now I realize my summer ends today before I go back to my busy life. Basically how I’m feeling right now.


Time certainly does, but hopefully you can look back on your summer and feel happy for all the nice things you did during that time off, even if it wasn’t the things you originally intended to do. I really like your stance in this shot and the lighting. Thanks for sharing with us.