I am only a tiny bit nervy today. I’ve been writing out a submission to you all week and getting shy and backing out. I was hoping that this submission could be anonymous, if you would like it well enough to post. And I hope that I did the whole “submit” thing properly because I am only on mobile.

This is the large scar that runs across my chest, under my breasts. It is my most beautiful flaw.

Awwh I know those feels all too well. When I started up my blog and began submitting to people I’d do the exact same thing. I’d be terrified that they’d hate it and reject me, but I learnt that it’s all about opinion. I liked a photo but they didn’t and that was okay. So now I don’t get so hurt when I’m not posted.

Your scar is beautiful and I hope you’re proud to bear it. You’re also a pale lady, like I am, and I love that hehe (Not biased at allll).

Thank you so much for being brave enough to submit, and don’t be afraid to do so again in the future, c-c xx


Sometimes I’m editing my pictures and I just apologize over and over to my body about all the negative things I’ve said about it. 


A woman who finds beauty within herself without comparing to other women will always win in life.


the blue under my eye is very flattering 


Oh wow, a collection of me. lol