Sometimes I don’t feel sexy. Sometimes being naked is too intimidating. 

For those times lingerie is like my armour. It sheilds me from the world. It casts a spell of sexy. And sometimes that spell whisks me away with it.

This is me, caught up in the magic of lingerie.


Oh lovely, how I very much understand this, though I think [and hope] you should feel sexy! This lingerie suits you so well, and confidence does as well. I can’t get over how perfectly you described this, and how I feel the same.

I love this shot!

anonymous submission


Pajama Saturday outtake


Update! Nipple piercings are gone ✌️

Also this hotel bathroom doesn’t even have a full door!

Hi I hope you don't mind me asking but I got a Hitachi recently and I peed beforehand and I peed a lot while using it. I definitely didn't squirt. So I cleaned up and tried again. I peed myself a second time. I didn't enjoy it at all. Help :/

you should get it checked out, babe. sorry i’m unsure what’s goin on “/

A new paper on sexting among adolescents … called ‘Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t … If You’re a Girl’… [finds] that both girls and boys send and receive naked or semi-naked pictures of themselves with some regularity, but only the girls are socially punished for it. ‘Boys in our study described girls who did send sexts as ‘sluts’ or ‘insecure,’ whereas they characterized girls who did not send sexts as ‘prude’ or ‘stuck up,” University of Michigan researchers Julia Lippman and Scott Campbell write in the Journal of Children and Media. ‘This indicates that sexting is a lose–lose proposition for girls; regardless of whether or not they sext, their behavior is evaluated in harsh—and often sexist—terms.
On Teen Sexting: New Technology, Same Sexism.  


As a naturist, I’m usually more comfortable naked than clothed. In fact, i think I actually feel more self-conscious when clothed, as I’m constantly worried about sweat-stains and belly flab hanging over my pants. But whenever I’m in a naturist environment, all that goes away. Everyone—all shapes and sizes—is so comfortable with who they are and that’s incredibly encouraging. It’s the most accepting and inviting atmosphere and it doesn’t take long to realize that you’re the only person who’s worried about how you look. So for Body Positive Monday, I encourage everyone to try out naturism—it can seem like a big plunge but it’s totally worth it!

– Matt (VieNue)

— I am absolutely in love with this photograph. It is so well done and yet maintains it’s simplicity. You look so at ease and comfortable in your own skin. It makes me think that maybe naturism is the way to go… Thank you so much for the beautiful submission and thoughtful writeup.